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We are saddened to inform the customers of Chambless Cine Equipment that Jesse Chambless, the sole proprietor of this company, passed away shortly after midnight on 9/28/2021. The company is now closed.

The Chambless Cine Equipment inventory has been acquired by:

Du-All Camera
774 Central Avenue
Westfield, NJ 07090
Phone: 212-643-1042
Fax: 646-478-9332


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Electric motor, electronically regulated.

• Shutter open to 170°; not automatically closed when camera stops.
Operation: normal forward motion, continuous operation, full rewinding with hand crank.

• Automatic threading; spool ejector; loop former.
Filming Speeds 10, 18, 24, 25 and 50 fps.

• Speeds of 24 and 25 fps stabilized according to sync pulse standards. Crystals are available in the following configurations: 24/25 fps with 50/60 Hz pilotone signal.

24/25 fps no pilotone. 23.976 fps no pilotone.

Maximum deviation with any of the crystals for 400 ft of film: less than one frame.

Power supply
(a) by NiCad battery housed in the compartment provided in the power grip • Capacity 1.4 Ah. • Nominal voltage: 12 V.
(b) by 1.2 Ah power pack hanging from the shoulder.

• Nominal voltage: 12 V.
Current supplied at all speeds, whether camera equipped with 400 ft magazine or not: about 1 A. • Capacity : approx. 1200 ft of film at + 70° F / 20° C.

Reflex viewfinder with light captured through exceptionally sturdy, swiveling, misadjustment proof prism, mounted in front of the shutter.

• No flicker; picture always visible. • Magnification 13 x.

• Adjustable eyepiece: ± 5 diopters. • Rubber eyecup, directional and can be folded over. • Viewfinder light trap. • Field of view corresponding to standard 16 mm projection field. • TV frame: 8.40 x 6.30 mm; R = 1.7 mm.

Field of View on Normal 16/Super16mm Camera. Camera has switchable front plate for centering the field of view for Super 16 ‘S’ and Normal 16 ‘N’. When front plate is set on ‘S’ entire 1:1.66 field corresponds to blow up for 35mm or projection on special Super 16 projector, arrows show the 1:1.33 field for normal TV and wide screen TV letterbox, full width 1:1.77 for wide screen TV and HDTV. When front plate is set on ‘N’ engraved corner marks corresponds to a normal TV frame with a ratio of 1:1.33.

Very sturdy bayonet lens mount. • Bearing on three small tongues; centering diameter 60 mm. • Focal flange distance: 23.22 mm (17.52 mm / .690 in with adapter for "C" mount).

• Most "C" mount lenses easily adapted.

• Built-in, retractable, filter slot for gelatin filters.

The H16 EBM Electric camera can be equipped with the Vario-Switar 100 PTL, POE or 100 POE-4 lenses with built-in light meter, which automatically sets the diaphragm during filming.

Sync pulse socket for sync pulse and automatic slating, or for connecting a crystal accessory. • Accessory slating lamp flashes automatically.

Capacity: single or double perforated 16mm films on 100 ft. spools: possibility of fitting accessory 400 ft magazine.
Counter in feet or meters. • Release: (a) when powered by 1.4 Ah cylinder battery, by two-way on-off switch on the power handgrip; safety lock; (b) powered by 1.2 Ah power pack, by power and remote control cable plugged into an accessory base.

H16 EBM Electric Camera
supplied with power handgrip, 12 V / 1.4 Ah cylinder battery and battery charger.

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