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We are saddened to inform the customers of Chambless Cine Equipment that Jesse Chambless, the sole proprietor of this company, passed away shortly after midnight on 9/28/2021. The company is now closed.

The Chambless Cine Equipment inventory has been acquired by:

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The BOLEX H16 Range:
Five cameras to meet your every need, your every requirement

Bolex H16: a complete, functional and flexible filming system. At the heart of the system, seven professional cameras:

• the EL Normal 16/Super 16 and the EL Normal 16 electric models, with film driven by built-in electric motor.

• the EBM Normal 16/Super 16 and the EBM Normal 16 electric models, with film driven by built-in electric motor.

• the SBM Normal16/Super 16 and the SBM Normal 16 models, with film driven by spring motor or auxiliary electric motor.

• The RX-5 Super 16 only and the RX-5 Normal 16 only turret models, with film driven by spring motor or auxiliary electric motor.

Each of these cameras constitutes the basic item of equipment that can be completed by a large number of accessories, extending the scope of every camera in any direction required, in accordance with your needs.

• Equipment tailored exactly to your requirements, minimizing the cost, because you buy only the accessories you really need.

• Equipment suitable for all fields of human activity: documentaries, TV coverage, advertising films, travelogues, films devoted to research and education in fields such as science, medicine, sports, wildlife, art, industry, time-lapse, natural history, feature films, videos, etc.

A Bolex H16 camera is a guarantee in itself. The guarantee offered by high precision, exceptionally sturdy equipment with a top quality optical system: foolproof operation producing steady, clear, correctly exposed pictures.

Either the H16 EL, EBM, SBM or RX-5 can be purchased with Normal 16/Super16 format. This new modification makes these cameras one of the best values in cinematography. The 1.66 format makes a perfect blow-up to 35mm. You will be ready to capitalize on 16x9 HDTV, at affordable prices.

Electric motor, electronically regulated by impulses, for optimum use of the power of the battery and perfectly constant filming speeds.

• Filming speeds of 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 25, 30, 40 and 50 fps + single-frame.

• Speeds of 24 and 25 fps stabilized according to sync pulse standards. Crystals are available in the following configurations: 24/25 fps with 50/60Hz pilotone signal.

24/25 fps no pilotone. 23.976 fps no pilotone.

• Camera stops with shutter closed for all functions.

• Practically instant start and stop, with no noticeable overexposure of the first or last frame of a take.

• Unlimited reverse running for rewinding. • Built-in device for testing the power pack charge; the current is automatically switched off as soon as the power pack voltage drops below the critical level. • 170° rotary shutter opening. • Automatic film threading; spool ejection; loop former.

• X-Sync for strobe flash.
Powered by Ni-Cd battery with low internal resistance, nominal voltage 12 V-DC; choice of power packs:
—12 V/1.7 Ah, mounted on the camera lid; capacity: about 900 ft of film at +68° F/20° C and 24 or 25 fps;
—12 V 1.2 Ah, carried slung over the shoulder or in a pocket; capacity: 1200' of film at +68° F / 20° C & 24 or 25 fps. Both power packs are equipped for rapid recharging (temperature probes and safety thermostat): all VR-type Ni-Cad elements are also provided with safety valve. Two battery chargers are available:
—standard charger: recharges either power pack in 12 hrs;

Reflex viewfinder on Regular 16mm Camera with light captured through swiveling prism mounted in front of the shutter. Miss-adjustment-proof ground glass on prism itself.

• Adjustable eyepiece: ± diopters • Magnification; 13x.

• Rubber eyecup, directional & can be folded over. • View-finder light trap. • Field of view corresponding to standard 16mm projection field. • TV frame: 8.40x 6.30mm; R=1.7mm.

Field of View on Normal 16mm/Super 16mm Camera. Camera has switchable front plate for centering the field of view for Super 16 ‘S’ and Normal 16 ‘N’. When front plate is set on ‘S’ entire 1:1.66 field corresponds to blow up for 35mm or projection on special Super 16 projector, arrows show the 1:1.33 field for normal TV and wide screen TV letterbox, full width 1:1.77 for wide screen TV and HDTV. When front plate is set on ‘N’ engraved corner marks corresponds to a normal TV frame with a ratio of 1:1.33.

• Extremely rugged bayonet lens mount, with built-in filter holder. • Bearing on three small tongues. • Centering diameter: 60mm. • Focal flange distance: 23.22 mm. Most "C" mount lenses easily adapted with special adapter plate.

• High performance, built-in light meter

• Through-the-lens measurement of the light by a cell which fits in front of the filming aperture while the diaphragm is being set.

• Instant reaction, linear characteristic silicon cell, for electronic processing of the data: film sensitivity, filming speed, exposure of the cell. It has no memory and is practically insensitive to blinding, aging and variations in temperature.

• Sensitivity range; 25 to 1600 ASA (15 to 33 DIN) with automatic coupling at all filming speeds. • The silicon cell is "adapted" to the spectral sensitivity of the film by an optical filter.

• Measurement of the light is in the center of the field of view over about 35% of the picture area.

• The correct f-stop setting is found by manual operation of the diaphragm setting ring. balancing the brilliance of two light-emitting diodes located in the viewfinder; the factory tolerance is set to within 1/5 f-stop.

Sync pulse socket for sync pulse and automatic slating, or for connecting a crystal accessory. Mounting threads for attaching factory sync accessory • Slating lamp switch

Nominal capacity: all 16 mm films on 100 ft spools.

• Possibility of mounting an accessory 400 ft magazine.

• Synchro-flash socket. • Built-in release switch controlling at function: forward or reverse motion, single frame operation.

• Safety lock: prevents the accidental operation of the camera; also makes it possible to lock the release in the "release" position (for continuous operation). • Frame Counter up to 1,000 frames • Counter in feet or meters. • Remote-control socket.

Supplied with 261.440 12 V/1.7 Ah power pack attaches on camera lid, 261.880 battery charger for normal charging and 265.005 remote control cable, Eyepiece, Dust cap, Instructions.

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