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We are saddened to inform the customers of Chambless Cine Equipment that Jesse Chambless, the sole proprietor of this company, passed away shortly after midnight on 9/28/2021. The company is now closed.

The Chambless Cine Equipment inventory has been acquired by:

Du-All Camera
774 Central Avenue
Westfield, NJ 07090
Phone: 212-643-1042
Fax: 646-478-9332


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Bell & Howell Cameras



Picture not available at this time B&H 70DR FILMO B&H 70DR FILMO 16mm camera body. Includes 70DR camera body with 3-lens turret coupled with matching positive viewfinder turret, accepts C-mount lenses; 100' internal film capacity; spring-wound motor; governor controlled at seven speeds 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, & 64 fps; ratchet-type butterfly winding key (22' run); on/off trigger with locking provision, parallax adjustable viewfinder; 204° shutter; single claw movement, critical reflex focusing (not while filming). Film plane reference mark; double exposure is easy with accessory backwind for special effects 1/4" 20 tripod thread, Instruction Book. Limited Stock

(Like New for sale rare & collectible, from the original manufacturer Bell & Howell Company in Chicago, not Alan Gordon in Hollywood).

$ 1,995.00 Like New for the filmmaker or collector who wants the best B&H available

Picture not available at this time


Same with average use

$ 495.00

Picture not available at this time B&H 70DL FILMO

Same except the 70DL version (lens turrets does not interlock with viewfinder turret)

$ 395.00


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