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We are saddened to inform the customers of Chambless Cine Equipment that Jesse Chambless, the sole proprietor of this company, passed away shortly after midnight on 9/28/2021. The company is now closed.

Below is information regarding the purchase of the entire remaining inventory of Chambless Cine Equipment:


We would like first of all to again say “thank you” for all the kind words and your patience with us as we have worked through the process of handling the passing of Jesse and getting to this point in the settling of his estate.

If you are interested in being a part of the sale of his cinematography business, we are informing you that we are opening up the process of accepting bids for the entire remaining inventory - estimated to be in the $200,000 to $250,000 dollar range.

The process will work as follows.

  1. Anyone wishing to view the inventory should confirm a date to meet in Ellijay, Georgia by either calling Randy Atkins at (706) 885-1173 or by e-mail at randyatkins2@aol.com. The last date to schedule and confirm onsite visits will be January 15th, 2022. All onsite visits should be completed on or before January 25th, 2022.
  2. All bids must be made in writing and submitted by email to the above e-mail address no later than January 31, 2022.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse and or negotiate any and all bids.
  4. The winning bidder will be required to submit 50% of the winning bid within 72 hours of being notified of their winning status. The remaining 50% must be paid before removal of any inventory begins.
  5. All bidders will have a maximum of 30 days to relocate the inventory from the estate.
  6. All questions should be directed by e-mail to Randy Atkins at the contact information listed above.

We look forward to working with you through this process.

Randy Atkins



CINE/PHOTO Exposure Light Meters and Accessories

America's Premier Bolex Dealer

Sekonic L-188 Auto Leader with Case. (JP) (Analog Meter) Present new stock only (three available)

More Info

Catalog # 401-188*

List Price: $119.00

$95.00 NEW Close out

Sekonic L-328 Digilite F & Cine with Case. (JP) Present new stock only (two lef)t

More Info

Catalog # 401-328*

List Price: $449.00

$359.00 NEW Close out

Sekonic L-358 Flash Master with Cine. Has Case. (JP) Present new stock only (one left)

More Info

Catalog # 401-358

List Price: $429.00

$343.00 NEW Close out

Sekonic L-398A STUDIO DELUXE III, CLASSIC ANALOG Self-Powered Incident/Reflective Meter with Swivel Head. with Cine. Has Case (No Battery Required). (JP)


Catalog # 401-399

$218.00 NEW

Sekonic L-508C Zoom Master Flash & Cine Meter with Case. (JP) Present new stock only (two left)

More Info

Catalog # 401-510*

List Price: $879.00

$699.00 NEW Close out

Sekonic L-718 Digi Master Multi-Function Meter

Catalog # 401-718


$359.00 NEW (one available) STORE DEMO never used

Sekonic Accessories and Attachments

Booster with Attachments for L-508 & L-508C Meters. (JP)

A high-sensitivity receptor to be used in conjunction with the L-508 Zoom Master for enhanced capabilities.

Catalog # 401-511

$359.00 NEW


35MM Film Plane Attachment for L-508 & L-508C Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-514

$57.00 NEW

Sync Cord for all Meters ("Y" Cord) (JP)

Specially designed "Y" style PC cord (3 leads) allowing for easy flash connections between the meter, camera, and flash unit. Extra long, 5m (15 foot) length is compatible with all Sekonic Flash Meters.

Catalog # 401-801

$30.00 NEW

5-degree Viewfinder for L-318 & L-328 Meters. (JP)

More Info

Catalog # 401-802

$119.00 NEW

L-718VF 5-degree Viewfinder for L-718 Meter. (JP)

More Info

Catalog # 401-803

$149.00 NEW

L-718PP Ground Glass Attachment for L-718 Meter. (JP)

More Info

Catalog # 401-804

$49.95 NEW


Sekonic High Slide for L-398A & L-398M Light Meters

Catalog # 401-831

$13.19 NEW

ASA Slide Set for L-398M & L-398A Light Meters (11 pieces) (JP)

Direct Reading Slide Set
Slide set allows direct incident measurements when used with the L-398 or L-398M. No dials to rotate. Fast and easy, with 11 different slides and case.

Catalog # 401-805

List Price: $74.00

$51.60 NEW close out
  Long Case for L-328 & L-318B Meters with Spot Attachment. (JP)

Catalog # 401-806

List Price: $30.00

$21.60 NEW close out

Folding Stand-up 18% Gray Card (JP)

By measuring the light reflected from this gray card, you can get an accurate value of the light regardless of reflection ratio of the subject and its surroundings.

Catalog # 401-807

List Price: $47.00

$31.51 NEW close out

Sekonic Replacement Spare Parts

Lumisphere for L-398M, L-398A, L-18C, L-28C2, L-28C Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-821

$11.95 NEW


Lumidisc for L-398M & L-398A Meters (JP)

Catalog # 401-822

$12.70 NEW

Lumigrid for L-398M & L-398A Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-823

$11.95 NEW

Lumisphere for L-328 & L-318B Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-824

$12.00 NEW

Lumidisc for L-328 & L-318B Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-825

$12.00 NEW

Lumigrid for L-328 & L-318B Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-826

$13.95 NEW

Lumidisc for L 308 & L-308B II & L- 308S Meters. (JP)

This optional accessory allows both light contrast control and simple illuminance measurements.

Catalog # 401-830

$29.40 NEW

Highslide for L-398M & L-398A Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-831

$13.19 NEW

Cap for L-608 Viewfinder. (JP)

Catalog # 401-837

$4.00 NEW

Zoom Lens Cap for L-508 & L-508C. (JP)

Catalog # 401-839

$4.00 NEW

Sekonic Replacement Cases

  Case for L-158 & L-188 Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-841

$4.00 NEW

Case for L-308B II & L-308S Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-842

$15.00 NEW

Case for L-318B Meter. (JP)

Catalog # 401-843

$24.99 NEW

Case for L-328 and L-318B Meters. (JP)

Extra long case fits both the viewfinder and the meter.

Catalog # 401-844

$33.00 NEW

Case for L-398M & 398A Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-845

$21.99 NEW

Sekonic Replacement Straps


Replacement Strap for L-158 & L-188 Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-861

$3.00 NEW

Replacement Strap for L-308B II, L-308S, L-318B, L-328, L-408, L-508, L-508C, L-718 & L-778 Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-862

$4.29 NEW

Replacement Strap for L-398M & L-398A Meters. (JP)

Catalog # 401-863


Gossen Exposure Meters


Catalog # GO 4006

$172.00 NEW close out

Gossen Luna-Pro Digital F: Ambient Light meter; Silicon Blue Sensor, Digital Readout, w/Case, Strap and Battery. (DE)

More Info

Catalog # GO 4022

$199.00 NEW close out


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